Need to get a story or product out 'there'? Maybe you need the narrative to explain what is it you do? 

Chester Communications is focused towards boutique or niche product and people in the arts, destination, lifestyle and food markets. We are here to apply our knowledge and skills to your story. If you're ready to launch or grow - we're here to help design and activate your pathways.

Chester Communications can look after your media and promotional strategies, assist build public profile, find and curate your story or sit with you and organise a marketing plan that is simple, effective and most of all - achievable.

If you're stuck at the - "What do I even need?" question, that's ok. Together we can find that out and offer you the package that fits your journey.

If you know exactly what you want, you just no time to implement it ... hello! We're here to drive that great plan for you. 



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We might be based in the beautiful Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia - but we will travel this globe for a great client with a killer story. In fact, if you can give us a reason to be on a plane - we might almost strain a finger booking our e-ticket to meet you!

Travel, destinations, journeys - the conversion to something new - the joy of arrival. (Always made better by remembering your toothbrush.)

We have wonderful long term clients such as Yarra Ranges Tourism that are close-by and we also work with small to medium sized destination businesses.

If you're trying to convert people to arrive at your place - we're a great place to start! 



So - are you a little bit fancy? Know your Banksy from your Bruegel do you?

Maybe you've just written an amazing play and need help with the marketing to let others know just how erudite and funny you really are. Great with a camera but words elude you? A choir finding its voice?

Come on - all you amazing creative types that hate to sell yourselves, step right up! We're here for you.

We love your eccentricities and insecurities. We can be bossy but love beautiful and are genuinely in love with creative talent.

Let's culture vulture together.



We need to be honest up front - if you don't like food we can't be friends. There, we've said it.

We live in food and wine country and there is a damn good reason for that - we love both - and all the wonderful lifestyle elements that come with such bucolic surrounds.

If you have a cheeky little nook you need to keep a secret but want everyone to know about it or a cellar door that needs a bit more of a 'seller' to bring people to its door - call us.

Our pens, mouths and ideas are pulling up  to your table.